Commissions by Harley Duck

Harley Duck is not only offering his knowledge and passion of art in the form of classes, but also in individually created portraits. He has experience completing portraits for various clients and occasions, and can work from life for gifts, or for those who simply wish to capture themselves in paint, or from reference photos for portraits memorializing those who have passed away.
Harley is an adept artist and creates portraits reflecting an understanding of his subjects and sitters, beginning with discussions with clients of ideas and compositions to achieve a final personal and distinct artwork. For more information or to inquire about your own portrait, click the link below.


For him to paint what he did for me just after a couple of days after Gert’s passing in life put a huge smile on my face, brought me joy and happiness at the worst time of my life ...  His details in her face is amazing, looks just like her.

Mark Glassford